Industrial Rehab

Industrial Rehab

When workers are injured, both the individual and the employer are affected. At Greenleaf Physical Therapy and Industrial Rehabilitation, we understand the needs of the patient to recover quickly and completely and the needs of the employer to have the worker return to work quickly and safely. In addition, we recognize the important role of the nurse case manager in monitoring treatment and ensuring that the worker, physician and employer are communicating. Our on-site, free Wi-Fi service and pleasant, quiet conference rooms provide nurse case managers with an opportunity to take care of other work while waiting for patient appointments.

Our industrial rehabilitation services include work hardening through which our therapists work with patients to simulate job-specific requirements. Therapy exercises are initiated to help strengthen and improve the patient’s ability to perform required work activities. This can include:

  • Work therapy – exercises specifically designed to simulate tasks required on-the-job
  • Work hardening – an exercise regimen designed to simulate a typical day on-the-job. Gradual progression in duration and intensity of activities helps the patient identify areas of weakness and the therapist to better tailor therapy goals.
  • Return to work job coaching – the physical therapist works with the patient to identify ways of completing their duties at work that will compensate for any residual weakness or deficiency and that decrease the chance of re-injury.
  • Ergonomic analysis – the workplace ergonomics are analyzed by our physical therapy to help the patient identify modifications that can be made to protect them from future injury.

Functional Capacity Evaluation

Sometimes a functional capacity evaluation is needed to determine an individual patient’s ability to return to work. This will help the physician and employer understand where the individual worker stands in his ability to return to duties performed previous to the injury. A functional capability disability evaluation is utilized for those patients whose injuries and subsequent recovery make it impossible to return to the job previously performed.

Greenleaf Orthopaedics and Greenleaf Physical Therapy and Industrial Rehabilitation understand the barriers in returning an injured worker to the workplace. We are dedicated to maximizing an individual’s function for return to a healthy and productive lifestyle. We provide the transition from care in the clinic to on-site services in the workplace to facilitate a successful return to work.

Workers benefit from improved quality of life and ability to return to gainful employment while employers benefit from minimized lost work time and return of a healthy and productive employee.