Doing the Watoosie

Sometimes you just have to laugh. It's those moments that help make up for the days of difficult patients, poor prognosis and surgical complications. A patient in his mid 80s came into the office complaining of low back pain that had been bothering him for several weeks. He has a history of arthritis in his lower spine and has suffered a number of painful flares. When asked whether he had fallen or done anything out of the ordinary in the weeks immediately preceding his onset of pain, the patient responds that he had attended a family wedding. "Did you fall?" the patient was asked. "No," he responded, "but I did spend a lot of time doing the watoosie." Being unfamiliar with the watoosie, more questions were asked, and the patient explained that the "watoosie" is a dance that he really enjoyed doing at his niece's wedding with a number of her young female friends watching in admiration. "I did the watoosie most of the night," the patient explained, "it was a great night," he added. X-rays were taken and, fortunately, the patient had done no damage beyond straining the muscles along his spine. He was treated with some medication for pain and recovered quite well. Unfortunately, the busyness of the office schedule that day prevented us from participating in the "watoosie" lessons that he was offering.