Personal Pledge to Patients

Personal Pledge

I make the following commitment to my patients:

  1. I will seek to do what is the best (“right thing”) for my patients:

    I will take each patient as an individual and consider all the options of treatment before making a recommendation. Sometimes this may mean that a patient does not need surgery at this time for a particular problem. I will also avoid “trendy fads” in surgical procedures that seek to exploit marketing “buzzwords” for promotional ends. I will make patients aware of these commercial efforts and bring them into context.

  2. I am committed to excellence:

    Continued ongoing education is one of the keys to providing state of the art Orthopedic Care. This combines surgical decision making and technical expertise. I have attended the American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons (AAOS), and the American Association of Hip and Knee Surgeons (AAHKS) meetings for all but one of the years I have been in practice( over 25 yrs).

  3. The patient is my highest priority:

    I care very deeply about your experience at Greenleaf Orthopedic Assoc. I dedicate myself to treating each of my patients with courtesy, respect, and caring. I commit to answering all your questions. I am blessed and thankful for the opportunity to care for each one of you.

Would you rather have surgery at a "High volume joint replacement" program? Would you want to be one of 6-10 join replacements done that day? How much time did you spend with the Dr before or after surgery? Do you feel you have a relationships with your Dr or that he cares about you as an individual?

How many joint replacements does it take before the Dr is "experienced." Would you rather have your home built by a tract home builder or a custom home builder? There is something to be said for experience and state of the art orthopedic care, but how does a patient evaluate that?

Dr Mayer believes establishing relationships with pts is a key part of medicine. Having been in practice for over 20 yrs and having done about 2500 join replacements, Dr. Mayer chooses to do only 2 join replacements in a half day of surgery. Dr Mayer's philosophy involves spending time getting to know his patients, answering all their questions. Not only being their doctor, but also their friend. Dr. Mayer has chosen not to have a PA, so he can spend more time with his patients. Dr. Mayer believes getting to know patients personally is an important part of medicine that he does not want to sacrifice.