Physical Therapy

Physical Therapy

Physical therapy is designed to help patients improve and restore the mobility necessary for them to move forward with life. Physical therapists are clinical professionals with graduate degree training in diagnosing and preventing or treating conditions that limit the body's ability to move and function.

Each of the Greenleaf offices offers physical therapy services. This allows for close communication between physician and therapist – following the patient from injury to rehabilitation. We believe that this close coordination results in the most timely, high-quality care.

Our therapists offer a wide range of services ranging from helping patients recover from sports-related injuries to working with our total joint replacement patients to develop the strength, range of motion and stability needed for activities of daily living. Modalities utilized include:

  • Sports-related injury rehabilitation: Therapy is designed to help an injured athlete return to sport.
  • Range of motion restoration and rehabilitation: This therapy is especially important after immobilization to treat a fracture of after joint replacement surgery.
  • Strengthening and stability rehabilitation: Many patients are weak after prolonged immobilization or surgery. Physical therapists can also assist with gait training that can help improve mobility and prevent falls.
  • Conditioning/endurance rehabilitation: Physical therapists work to facilitate improvement in endurance needed to complete activities of daily living or to perform duties in the workplace.
  • Pain and edema management: Many patients suffer from painful edema after injuries or surgery. Physical therapy modalities can help to control the swelling and associated pain.
  • Soft tissue management: Muscle strains can often be managed successfully with physical therapy modalities in conjunction with medical management.

State of the art methods and modalities are utilized by our highly experienced and qualified therapists to ensure the highest quality of care possible. These include:

  • joint mobilization
  • soft tissue release
  • trigger point release
  • manual therapy
  • myofascial stretching
  • modalities
  • therapeutic exercise
  • re-conditioning program

Each of our physical therapy patients received a comprehensive evaluation and is provided with a home exercise regimen designed to facilitate daily exercise between therapy appointments that results in faster, more effective return to function.