• I've only had one appointment with Dr. Smyth - thus far - but I really liked his approach. I thought his examination was very thorough. He was willing to take the time to explain to me all of the aspects of my injury and treatment - both long and short term - including the dangers of rushing to surgery and why it would be a good idea to take a conservative approach; specific to my injury. Additionally, he was happy to answer all of my questions and take my thoughts into consideration of my treatment.

    Finally, the office staff - from the receptionist, to the nurses, to the x-ray technician - was extremely friendly, welcoming and attentive. I wasn't waiting for very long during any parts of my appointment. They all seemed very respectful of my time. I've been to other Dr. offices; where it seems like the only respect should be paid to the Dr. - himself or herself. This was definitely not the case.

    I look forward to working with Dr. Smyth and his staff through the duration of my medical condition and would highly recommend to friends and relatives.

    J. Clark
  • I have been going to Greenleaf Orthopedic, S.C. (Dr. Thomas E. Baier) since 2006 for severe left hip pain. The doctor Changed my quality of life. After having complete hip replacement surgery and therapy at your facility, I feel like a new person. Dr. Baier and his staff are very professional, knowledgeable and courteous, and I have complete confidence in the doctor and his team.
    D. Maslo
  • I just completed three nights in Cloud Peak Wilderness Area/Big Horn Mountain National Forest - 30 miles at 3,000 feet elevation. Anniversary 4 of hip 2.0. All is well. Thank you kindly, Dr. Mayer.
    R. Small
  • Both my wife and I are patients of Dr. T. Baier. We have had knee replacements and have also recommended Dr. Baier to our sister-in-law, who resides in Elk Grove and consequently had hip replacement done by Dr. Baier. She was in such pain waiting for her own doctor to do it, but he had her on a waiting list for an opening on his schedule which was not happening for a couple of months. Dr. Baier after seeing her and the extreme pain that she was in took care of her within a short time . My wife had one knee done by a different group and the last one done by Dr. Baier, what a dramatic difference between the two! If she ever needed any surgery, it most certainly would be Dr. Baier. We would gladly recommend Dr. Baier to anyone who needed a fantastic doctor. One who is sympatheic to what the patient is going through and wants to help as quickly and as throughly as possible and has a great bedside manner.
    Norman & Joan Van Den Bussche
  • I recently chose Dr. Baier to do my total hip replacement. He had been honing his skills with a relatively new anterior approach. He is polite, concise, and is clearly an expert in his field. He has a fantastic staff, who really take the level of patient understanding to a higher level. Dr. Baier and his team insured that I was ready for the procedure, and, more importantly, for the recovery. I was literally dancing a week after surgery, and continue to strengthen through PT at Greenleaf.
    C. Dohrn
  • Just a note of thanks for boosting my morale and giving me hope that I can continue to keep these knees of mine walking without replacement yet! Anyone who has you for a doctor is blessed by God, and I am one of them! I hope to stay way another 14+ months before another visit! God be with you as you bring relief and joy to all whose lives you have touched!.
  • Dr Mayer is the best surgeon I have ever had! If I ever need another surgery I hope it is one that he does.
    Wanda Solheim
  • Excellent, great doctor has the whole package. Professional, caring, sense of humor, knows his stuff. Very helpful and will explain everything to you, awesome bedside manner. Love him!
    Angela C
  • He is my #1 choice!! Wonderful listener, has an action plan, is compassionate, thorough, everything I want in a doctor and surgeon!!
    Carol S.
  • Thank you for a masterful reconstruction of my foot and protected by attentive hospital and office staff. I have been able to get back to work at six weeks. After a few months, I was able to resume home visits, including driving. I am able to accomplish whatever I need to do. God bless you all in your work.
    V. Kristopher
  • I found the staff to be professional, competent, compassionate and thorough. I also thoroughly appreciated the cleanliness of the facility. Thank you.
    J. Callahan-Moore
  • My family and I have been patients with Greenleaf Orthopaedic for over 10 years. Their services included my wife's and son's foot surgeries, my daughter's knee surgery, along with my shoulder surgery. We have complete confidence in the competency and professionalism of the doctors and staff. We have referred many friends to their practice, who along with us, have been very satisfied with their care.
    J. Horgan
  • Dr. Mayer - Yesterday, July 10, was the first-year anniversary of my right hip replacement. Before that, I was limited to about one-half mile of walking. Thanks to you and your staff, I just climbed up to Cloud’s Rest Mountain, 15 miles and 3,000feed, elevation 10,000 feet with my wife and two sons. Thank you so very much!
  • Dear Dr Mayer,
    Dr. Mayer is the most amazing doctor. I'm so lucky to have had him do my surgery. He did bilateral TKR 13 years ago on me & I am doing better than most of the people I know that had just one done at a time, even in the last few years. Most of them can't walk well on their own to this day! We are very lucky to have such a great doctor taking care of us!!!
    FK, November 2013
  • Dear Dr Mayer,
    I couldn't have walked miles on the Florida beaches or played Bocce Ball for hours if I hadn't had my knees replaced by a skilled , caring surgeon- YOU!
    Thanks Dr Mayer!
    SH, May 2012
  • Dear Dr Mayer,
    I cannot thank you enough for being such a great doctor. I have to tell you that you are the first orthopedic doctor that actually took the time to determine that my back was such an issue with my knee pain. I cannot believe that I have suffered for over 7 years with this pain that was not necessary. I had previously seen 2 other orthopedic doctors and neither of them even mentioned it could be my back, they just wanted to replace my knee. I am so glad I found you.
    Although I was unable to afford the epidural shot, I have been able to see a chiropractor who has helped me immensely. All the pain that was shooting down my leg is almost gone. I still have knee pain, but that is something I need you to fix at some point. My chiropractor now has your name for recommendations to his clients because he was so impressed by you.
    I also have to let you know how much I appreciate the diligence and caring of your staff. In particular Victoria and April. They sincerely go out of their way to see that your patients are well taken care of. I have found that this is something that is rare these days and needs to be recognized and appreciated.
    Thank you again and I know I will still have to have you do the knee replacement, but at least I don't have the intensity of pain that I was having and maybe I will be able to put it off until next year when I am hoping to have some decent insurance.
    You and your staff are the best.
    WS, July 2011
  • After having had a successful hip replacement the end of January, I would like to say thanks, Dr. Mayer, for the excellent care received by you and your entire staff. I previously went to a "large north shore practice" and realized the statement "come back when the pain gets too bad and we'll slap a new hip in there for you" wasn't a good first appointment impression. First of all I didn't believe that I needed hip replacement, but then coming from you it was confirmed. From the girls at the front desk, the x-ray techs and nurses it was a total different feeling. You returned phone calls and answered questions patiently even though you've heard them a million times. It was easy to decide who was going to do the surgery. Then after surgery physical therapy was great, everyone there were so encouraging (when I wasn't) all the while working you hard. I'm not quite done with therapy yet, (I'm going to miss them)! but before I'm feeling 100% and forget about who got me to this point, I thought I'd better let you know. I heard a phrase a while ago - this was the best experience that I hope not to have again.
    Sandy A., April 2011
  • In January of 2009, I had a total knee replacement surgery done buy Dr. John Mayer of Greenleaf Orthopaedics of Libertyville, IL. My care and recovery was outstanding thanks to the surgical skills of Dr. Mayer. He is one of the most outstanding doctors I know - a man who is caring, compassionate, patient and takes the time to listen to you. I was not a number but a respected person. I have been happy to recommend Dr. Mayer several times already and will continue to do so. Greenleaf physical therapists were also a blessing in my recovery.
    Thank you one and all.
    Helen D.
  • The miracle is that I am walking today. I had five surgeries performed on my right hip, three of which were total hip replacements. The last two hip surgeries were performed by doctors at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, MN. It appeared that my hip would not be able to withstand another surgery if I were ever to break it again. I was told that I would be confined to a wheelchair for the rest of my life. Three years later, I had a little accident with a friend's dog, in which I broke my wrist. Since my surgeons were in Minnesota, I went to a surgeon (Dr. John Mayer) who was new in the area at the time. After explaining about my wrist, he immediately wanted x-rays of my wrist, and my hip. The hip was broken again. Little did I know that breaking my wrist was the best thing that could have happened to me. I faced another surgery, with a 50 % chance of amputation if my body rejected the new bone that was to be put in.
    This doctor was able to reconstruct my femur bone with cadaver bones, put in a cementless socket made of steel, and also inserted a twelve inch, cementless pin made of steel.
    Today I can walk, hold down a job, and exercise.
    Had it not been for my friend's dog, I would never have met this doctor, whom God has given such talent. I am a walking miracle, and all the glory goes to Jesus.
    Paula (Aurora)
  • I had my check up at the clinic in Burnsville, MN. yesterday. X-rays showed that I am doing fine. Dr. Kim was surprised by the way that I walk for my age. I owe it all to you (Dr. Mayer), and Debbie in rehab, she is the greatest. My only regret is that I am not in Illinois anymore. I had to write to you to let you know how much this means to me. May God bless you.
    Beryl (Minnesota)
  • I have been going to write this letter for a long time, sorry it was not written sooner. I just had my 77th birthday. I had both of my hips replaced in 1990 (by Dr. Mayer), and had a great recovery. To this day, my hips do not ache. My legs are still perfectly even, and I have no walking difficulty. It is now fifteen years since that surgery. I also want you to know that the knee replacement surgery in 1998 was also a success. It gives me no problems whatsoever. I am grateful for your expertise, and through all of the years, your warmth, and special way of making a patient comfortable. Thank you for being an ongoing, trustworthy doctor.
    Mary (Grayslake)
  • My Doctor is Dr. Thomas Baier, in my opinion, the man who has totally remade me. He has joined a broken collarbone, replaced both of my hips and knees. Dr. Baier is a man of integrity, compassion and kindness. He listens to his patients with real concern, always having time for them. No question is ever dumb. Selena is Dr. Baier's P.A. I always found her to be very helpful and quick to encourage me in my rehabilitation. I would say that my experience would not have been as good if it were not for Dr. Baier and the Greenleaf staff. These Doctors and staff really care for people. I am 59 years old and am very active. I hope to have many more active years thanks to Dr. Baier.
    Janet M.( a patient with osteoarthritis)
  • I have had great experiences with the docotors and nurses at Greenleaf Ortho. I have had two surgeries done by Dr. Roger Collins, both being ACL replacements. I have to say that I haven't been more pleased with how things worked out for me. Before my incidents I was a very involved athlete and was looking to take that to a higher level. Thanks to Greenleaf Ortho I have accomplished that. I am a athlete at Ball State University, competing in Mens Volleyball and that is with 2 ACL surgeries and there is no way I could achieved any of this without what Dr. Collins and Greenleaf Ortho have done for me. I would like to thank them for what they have done and thank Dr. Collins for his great work on helping me still play athletics today.
    Ian Peckler
  • As a competitive powerlifter I have enjoyed a lifestyle that includes lifting weights, and all that goes into preparing for a big competition. Since my very first meet back in 1989 I have been fortunate and healthy enough to win two World Powerlifting Championships, two National Powerlifting Championships, a North American Powerlifting Championship and several State Powerlifting Championships. Along the way I have set powerlifting records at the state, national and world levels.
    While training for the 2003 National Championships I was deadlifting and on my last warm-up (605 lbs) my form was off a little and the combination of the stress of the weights being pulled off the ground compounded with the misalignment of my form caused a rupture/detachment of the bicep and bicep tendon of my right arm.
    Not knowing the extent of the injury I had a myriad of thoughts swimming around in my head from missing an opportunity to lift for a third National title, to what if this is a career ending injury. When the MRI came back indicating that there was in fact a detachment of tendon and muscle from the bone I realized that I might never be able to lift heavy, and thus ending my lifting career. As if that wasn't scary enough I did some research and found out that there is a small chance of nerve damage that can occur from both this type of injury and the surgery to reattach the muscle.
    I then began the process of researching my injury in detail, finding doctors with experience with this type of surgery and finally, interviewing surgeons that had experience re-attaching biceps. What I found out was that there is relatively short window of time to do this surgery in that the detached tendon will lose its blood supply and a process will occur where the body begins to digest, for lack of a better term, the loose tendon.
    After more research than I care to even write about, I narrowed the field down to four possible surgeons. I ended up selecting Dr. Collins as my surgeon without hesitation. I picked him for an array of reasons. He had experience with this type of injury, when he examined what was left of my bicep his focus was amazing, he asked me an incredible amount of questions about my lifting, my injury, what I wanted from the surgery, what my life and lifting goals were, etc. The other things that sold me is how excited he was about the challenge of this operation. Whereas the other surgeons were concerned about this operation when dealing with an over developed muscle that had been detached, Dr. Collins was already thinking about not only how to re-attach the bicep/tendon but how to do this to allow me not only normal function of the muscle, but to be able to withstand my weight lifting demands and eventually after rehab on the arm, be able to compete again.
    The end result is that about two weeks after the initial injury, Dr. Collins performed surgery to reattach my tendon/bicep. Now over a year after the surgery and rehab, I have full extension, contraction, pronation and supination of my arm and I have all my feeling in my arm and hand. Best of all, I have already deadlifted over 600 pounds in a little over a thirteen month period. I wasn't so much concerned about the cosmetics of the bicep nor scaring from the surgery, but when my arm was all healed and I had finished my rehab, my right/reattached bicep was symmetrical with my left and it looked like it did pre-injury. Additionally, the scar is smaller than the scar on my knee when I fell on the playground as a kid. So much for the manly scars battle. Ha, ha.
    The bottom line is that I trusted the quality of my life to Dr. Collins. At what was for me, my darkest hour, I found in Dr. Collins someone that gave me a second chance to continue to live the life I want to live in the fashion I want to live it. I will never be able to express to him my gratitude and sincere thanks for this gift he has given me.
    When I was asked if I was interested in putting my story down on paper I felt that this was my opportunity to again say "thank you" to Dr. Collins, as well as potentially help someone that is going through what I went through.
    Eric C. Maroscher, 2-Time WPC World Powerlifting Champion, 2-Time APF National Powerlifting Champion, and WPC North American Powerlifting Champion
  • Thank You so much. By the time I saw you the first time,I gad little hope of ever again being able to stroll a beach and pick up seashells. But, thanks to your expertise,the vision of doing that and so many other activities has been restored.
    Be well, Doctor! Here's to many more years of applying your healing skills and restoring HOPE.